Synthetic Colored Opals

Creating Eternal Beauty KYOTO OPAL produced by Kyocera in Kyoto  KYOTO OPAL is a trademark of KYOCERA Corporation. KYOTO OPAL Logotype is a registered trademark of KYOCERA Corporation in Japan

Kyocera's synthetic colored opals possess a quartz-grain structure that is identical to naturally occurring opal using Kyocera's unique gemstone synthesis technologies which have been carefully cultivated over many years.

Due to special staining techniques, Kyocera has been able to realize a variety of rich and subtle hues and tints, creating a unique aesthetic quality that cannot be duplicated with molded resin-based products。 Furthermore, by surmounting the inherently brittle characteristics of naturally occurring opals, which tend to split and crack, it is possible to cut Kyocera's opals into diverse shapes。

Our opals have been used in jewelry & accessories all over the world for more than 20 years, and recently usage is spreading as decorative materials in a variety of products, including gel nail polish, headphones, watches and more. Kyocera has developed a broad range of color variations and is expanding the target age group of end users.

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